Pokemon Go and Your Business

At this point in the last few days, everybody's Facebook feed or news stories are about one of the tragic shootings, Hillary's emails, Trump's being Trump or another Pokemon game.  

A few days ago the newest Pokemon game was released called Pokemon Go.  I am not going to lie, I am not as big of a gamer as I once was and I never really got into Pokemon to begin with.  Thanks to my girlfriend's son I got watching him play the game and decided it looked fun and something worth while to play for a day or two (or so I hope).  What makes this game interesting is that it is Geo-location based.  Meaning that it actually takes the location of where you are and you interact with your world through the game based on your actual location.  

As you can see from the picture (above), my player is in a building (my medical building in Kyle, Texas) where I am now looking for Pokemon while "working" this morning.  Lucky for me I had  Pokemon come by this morning and I got to catch him.


It looks like this guy was hiding behind the phone in the office.  Good thing I was ready to catch him.  More importantly for the business minded and real estate minded person is that the game actually has locations called Pokestops.

If we go back to the first image where it is showing my character in the medical building you may have noticed the two blue boxes on the top of the screen.  These are the Pokestops and they are actual real world locations.  I clicked on one and found the Seton South Medical Center.

Once I enter the area I am allowed additional game play based on me being in that location.  Those of you business-minded people may already be thinking, how do I get to become a Pokestop.  This seems to be a little more difficult currently and I am sure with increased demand they will open a faster process.  Currently, it looks like Pokemon Go uses locations from a company called Niantic who is utilizing this Geo-location system from another game called Ingress.  They seem to have borrowed many of the same stops and currently they are not accepting any new applications for new locations.  Talk about a missed opportunity on their part.  I am sure many business owners would be willing to pay a nominal fee to drive customers to their locations based on kid's game play.  

These locations in the game play would be ideal for restaurants, bookstores, Computer/Gaming stores or a huge list of others.  What would make this even more interesting and a potential to capitalize is for furniture store, clothing stores, or any other non-kid friendly store where moms and dads need to look but likely hurry along because of kids being bored and acting out.  Simply by adding a "Pokemon Trainer" locations (a table and chairs away from moms and dads) this would allow kids to be happy for the additional game play but also allow the adult to shop and likely increase your sales, with only a minimal capital out lay for the business owner.  

I will be following up with more information once it looks like they are adding new locations but this could be a very interesting and new way to drive traffic to your place of business.  I certainly plan on trying to get them in my medical buildings where long wait times could be more enjoyable due to some additional game play for our gamers.